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Hey guys,

I'm looking for some help from the southern Colorado crowd with helping me locate a set of stolen winter wheels and tires. The wheels are 17" Pegs, mounted with Blizzak WS60's in 235/45/17. The Pegs aren't mint, but they've got minimal curb rash at best, with some scarring inside the bolt holes from taking them on and off with an impact wrench. They've still got the Volvo center caps as well.

The wheels were stolen out of the bed of a truck at the Embassy suites near Woodmen Rd and I-25. They were locked in with a heavy duty bike lock, but they managed to get through it with enough time with a bolt cutter.

Not trying to point fingers...but with the truck being parked in a very secluded back lot of a hotel off the beaten path, makes me seem like it might have been an inside job with the staff here :mad:.

I'm leaving the area on Friday, but if you'd just keep an eye out or an ear open I'd really appreciate it.

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