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So I picked up a 99 V70 XC yesterday, needs some work, but got it for next to nothing. Picked it up to learn a little more mechanically, up my troubleshooting skills, and to have a car to drive to work so my R doesn't have to :cool:

The car came with a rebuilt ABS module that needed to be installed so I did that last night (are they serious with where those bolts are located??) and that obviously cleared the party on the dashboard. So, I cleared the codes and drove around a bit. CEL came back on and I was able to pull the following...

ECM-6440 Camshaft Reset Value
ECM-2810 Front heated oxygen sensor, preheating signal missing

From searching, I found that the ECM-6440 should be cleared by installing a new CVVT solenoid, does this sound correct?

For the ECM-2810, I am guessing that I will need a new front O2 sensor?

I know this is all probably pretty simple, but I would rather get your opinions before I start buying parts...

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