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I've managed to make every other decision related to buying a new S60 (trim level, transmission type, color, packages) but I just can't decide whether or not to order the stupid navigation system! I just can't find good, detailed information about it. It's a wonder that Volvo ever sells any of them, since there are virtually no cars on dealer's lots that have them and there's no detailed information about it on Volvo's website, and they're expensive!

Okay, end of rant. Sorry if I sound a little frustrated but this is the ONE LAST DECISION standing between me and ordering my new car. So here is my plea: if there is anyone out there who knows the answer the following questions about the 2002 Volvo Navigation System (the new one with the DVD), could you please take a few seconds to answer the following questions? I'll be forever in your debt!

(1) In the map display mode, are any street names shown? In all the screenshots I've managed to find, it looks like all you see is a network of lines, with no street names. Is this true?

(2) Can it display the phone number or address of the POIs (restaurants, museums, etc.) in the map database? I think Volvo calls these Facility Types. This to me is an extremely important feature. I know the Alpine system (TME-M750 monitor/NVE-N851A DVD player) can do this. It lets you position the crosshairs over a POI icon in the map view and click enter. Can the Volvo system do this or provide some other way to get at this information?

I did manage to find a copy of the user's guide for the older CD-ROM based system, but judging by the text and the screenshots, it looks like these two features are missing. Does anyone know if they've been added in the DVD-based system? Or does anyone know where I might find a copy of the user's manual for the newer system?

Amazingly, there is only one dealer in the Seattle area that even has a single car on the lot with a nav system. But it's the older system and the disc is missing! Argh! I'm going crazy. Can anyone help?

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