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So im trying to re-shim the A/C clutch but cant get the clutch off.
I rented a Puller, got some screws in but Now im just deforming the bolt on the puller(pics below). My gap is really large now, about .034".
I'm not sure what to do next... I asked here as well but i made this post to stand out. PLease answer on this thread if you have any suggestions. THanks
im afraid to try the other bolt that came with the kit because its pointy and i think itll just damage the threads for the 10mm bolt...

HELP! I borrowed the puller from autozone and I got all the screws i needed and the 10mm bolt came out easily.. But its taking a lot of force to pull this damn clutch. My gap was about .024", and now its over .032" and i stopped trying to take it off because at this point im just deforming the tools i rented. WHat the heck am i missing here? what should i do?

This bolt is part of the kit and DID NOT HAVE that flange that you see now at the tip... so the clutch isnt budging, its just deforming the bolt.

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