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help: 96 turbo eating coolant, condensation seen from climate control sys.

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hey all! i've been reading around for wuite a while now, but never really posted before.
well, i have a request for all yinz (pgh thing) knowledge:
my '96 854 turbo has just recently started eating coolant. the dash coolant LED lights after about a week. i also noticed vapor condensation from the A/C system both with the A/C off/on and the blower off/on (air smells like anti-freeze.) so i'm suspecting that the coolant must be leaking into the climate control system somewhere. i have been unable to identify any external leaks of coolant, so i'm imagining that the leak would be the heater core, correct me if i'm wrong, please! :)
sometimes in the morning i notice fogged up windows, which could be coolant evaporating inside the car.
well, in any event, i'm just wondering if any of you guys have run into this, seen it, troubleshot it?? is the heater core located under the passenger dash? is it easy to replace?
any help from all you knowledgeable folks would be much appreciated.
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