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i used to come to this website occasionally as a passive observer. i purchased a volvo (850 R) '96. i found it in richmond, va via ebay. it only has 38k miles. i'm sure i'll have questions in the future. my family has 2 240's and 2 740's, so volvos are quite familiar. i have enjoyed the 850r power so far, however the ac is very wierd compared to 740's. i can't seem to get outside air to come into the cabin properly, it always feels hot.

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Hi, and welcome Patrick!

On the dash there is an air mix wheel, which lets you control to some degree the amount of air that comes in from outside. Also next to the AC switch is the recirculation switch.

Congratz on the 850R, I can't wait to get mine
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Hey Patrick, I saw that one and was going to purchase it, but the guy wanted 15000, and that's too rich for my blood.

Sweet deal man. Hopefully I get mine soon.
Welcome aboard!
Go ahead and ask questions that are repeats!! I do it and maybe I can answer yours and look smart! hahahahaha...
Seriously though, if you do have a common question chances are it will just get answered quickly! bonus, no down side there
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