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Hello Volvo World,

Classic cars owner for 20+ years, I always had a passion for the P1800, and i finally fall down to the bright side of the force in march 2008.
French, living in France near Paris, after scrutinizing the worldwide market, avoiding french unbelievable prices, seriously checking US specimens, I was lucky to find my 1800S in average presentable condition in Switzerland for a decent price with a not so common color.
Forced to become an importation expert, crossing the frontier, 2 months of essentials mechanic fixes, the support of a great french website volvoP1800france.com and the administrative technical control in hand, direction the "prefecture" to get my license plate numbers, lucky me for an international versed guy (my wife is American from Ohio) i got the number "75 FRA 92"! then 3000km in 3 months driving to every single meet around.
(videos/shots reports HERE ).
Well, I do recommend to any stressed person to get a 1800, what a pleasure!

A typical observation in France, the 1800 owners do not take theyre cars out enough, I am working at moving them...

My 1800 in images, click on the photo

Some videos driving HERE and THERE and also HERE and THERE

Hello to everyone!

looking forward meeting you soon during a volvo or classic meet! (In France or the US?)

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Re: Hello World : ClassicDriver & his 1800S (ClassicDriver)

France - so spectacular and diverse - thanks for the many pics and videos, Pascal.

My last visit to France was in '61 after my arrest in Spain for wearing a US Army uniform - can you say "revolt"?

Swedespeed has a Europe Forum and a goodly number of members in/near France...








? http://forums.swedespeed.com/z...26018


? http://forums.swedespeed.com/z...=7439

Keep us up-to-date on your 1800 oil cooler repairs...


...and you may want to start a new topic on the oil cooler here...


Thanks, again, for sharing your Volvo and France.

George Dill

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Re: Hello World : ClassicDriver & his 1800S (gdill2)

Thx George,

We do have some good forums I am part of in France +
since the 1800 world in France is small w around 50 driven cars on 250 registered,
we almost all know each other.
I just registered here as a nice extension, since I have some family
and friends in the US, and since the 1800 deliveries were 80% in the new world,
that means more enthusiasts + more experts + more parts... Not to mention Irv, always ready to exchange about his experiences, just seated in his freshly serviced motor by Duane ready for the 3mln!

Thank you for the tips

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Re: Hello World : ClassicDriver & his 1800S (ClassicDriver)

Dear Volvo enthusiasts, especially 1800's

I am very pleased to announce that after 1 year of hard work we can announce
our event taking place in France in June 2010.

The association created under the initiative of a group of enthusiasts and merging all the French Volvo Classic clubs, presents
June 11,12 & 13th 2010 the Viking Classic Autoshow 2010


All Volvo cars owners, clubs members or not, are friendly invited to exhibit their cars. VCA2010 is an open minded and unifying event for all Volvo cars clubs and Volvo enthusiasts willing to discover and share common values during a premium event placed under the sign of a common passion. Attending the Viking Classic Auto Show 2010 will be a unforgettable souvenir, enjoying one or two days long, many recreational activities for children or elders, men and women, old and classic cars or new ones passionate. This is a great opportunity for clubs to organize a wonderful ride in the magnificent Val de Loire countryside amongst Châteaux de la Loire and forests, and for all attendees a great moment visiting this famous "Chateaux de la Loire" region.

> Volvo P1800 50th anniversary jubilee
> Launch of the next generation Volvo S60 sedan
> Classic and all vintages Volvo cars exhibition, some very unique vehicles
> Enhancement of the Swedish heritage
> Swedish technological innovations promotion
> Highlights on the Swedish leadership in environmental protection

"Volvo Automobiles France is greatly pleased by the organization of this event and invites all the partners, sponsors, exhibitors, clubs and individuals contacted by the Organization Committee to join this great event to contribute to its success."
Wim MAES, CEO Volvo Automobiles France


Friday, June 11th

Opening night at the Swedish Institute in Paris
Viking Classic Exhibition in the Swedish Institute Garden

Saturday, June 12th

Ride day for Cars Clubs
Gala Evening (on invitation)

Sunday, June 13th
at the Beauregard Castle, Val de Loire

Volvo P1800 50th anniversary jubilee with the participation of distinguished guests
Gathering of Volvo cars all vintages
Launch of the next generation Volvo S60 sedan
Classic Volvo cars exhibition, some very unique vehicles
Patronage and presence of Volvo Cars Heritage, Best in Show contest
Swedish technological innovations promotion, highlights on the Swedish leadership in environmental protection
Swedish fair, original products and goods

The Beauregard Castle is located in the Val de Loire, 7km from Blois. VCA2010 will be pleased to welcome you in this historical and very green region of France
For more information about the Beauregard castle ? Visit the website http://www.beauregard-loire.com

We are pleased to receive many applications from you, talking about your Volvo and wishing to join us next June 11-13, 2010.
For example, VCCB : « Volvo Classic Club Belgium wishes to join this event and plans June 11-13 as premium dates in its agenda for 2010".

Amongst a lot of awaited vehicles, you will admire:

> Prototype P958-X1 :
The very first 1957 unique model handbuilt at FRUA S.p.A. facilities (Italy)

> 1800S Volvoville convertible :
A very rare 1800S convertible created by Volvoville-Lazarus Coachbuilder in the USA and restored in Belgium.

> Amazone Coune convertible :
The only left out of 5, 1963 convertible created by Jacques Coune, Coachbuilder Belgium

We will be very honored and pleased to welcome amongst others :
> Pelle Petterson

Worldwide famous designer, figurehead in the sailing world, well-known for his nautical creations and for the emblematic Volvo P1800 coupe design, he is always pleased to share his passion for classic and contemporary design especially around the Volvo P1800.
"On top of sharing about the design arround the first P1800 handmade prototype, I own the original sketches i draw at the time, this will be an incredible occasion to let them be discovered by everyone"

> Irv Gordon

Irv Gordon is listed, with his car, a 1966 Volvo 1800S, in the Guiness Book of World Records as having the most miles of any car in the world at 2,721,000 miles and counting !
Hereafter Irv's enthousiasm when we informed him about VCA2010: "Certainly I would be most interested in your offer and will do my best to tell my story to your members".

Please find a set of practical information on our website http://www.vca2010.com like access plans, accommodation proposals and soon some information about the registration for the Saturday gala evening.

Please feel free to contact us by e-mail for any question in French or English exclusively at : http://********************/smile/[email protected]

Pascal de Belder - Viking Classic Autoshow

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Re: Hello World : ClassicDriver & his 1800S (ClassicDriver)

beautiful car!!
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