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I sent my V70 R in for service at my local dealer, I forgot to reset the headlights back down on the manual adjusters. When It came back the lights were lower and the adjusters were maxed out. Now the dark nights are here I tried to fix it by doing a SUM download reset with Dice/Vida. It failed. I then tried to recalibrate the SUm using a method I found here hoping it would fix the headlight issue (lights manually adjusted down) This time I got an error message saying the left rear position sensor had too high a voltage. All other reading were OK.
I then checked the voltage of both position sensors and got the following readings LH 3.79V RH 1.80V I then read that the acceptable range was 0.5v-4.5v. So I should have been ok. ??
Additionally I now have DTC SUM-0221 position sensor calibration not accepted value,but no dash warning light/message. Additionally the three 4C settings still appear to work

Initial thought is to swap the sensors left to right as they are not handed and see if the problem moves side, but they appear to be a real PIA to get at and remove.

Is it likely the sensor is bad and I'd be better just swapping the LH unit out Should I just give up and visit local dealer/Indi to get matter resolved??

To day I have checked out the LH rear position sensor by disconnecting the bracket from the lower arm and then moving the sensor arm. As you move the arm up the voltage goes up and the reverse when its lowered. I also discovered that the voltage of these position sensors when the car is at rest is between 2-3 volts. Could this be why the LH is said to be too high??

Please any comments,suggestions welcome.


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