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Hey guyzz,

Recently I've faced a headlight error of my Volvo S80, 2007, D5.
I have following, codes:
B1D6501 - Right headlamp horizontal motor circuit
B1D6901 - Right headlamp horizontal feedback sensor circuit.

The part that I am not getting is that once car is turned on, headlights level themselves, for first 2 or so minutes after start while driving I can see the lights automatically bend according to steering. 2 minutes later I get these 2 errors and the right headlight lowers it self as much as possible, auto swirl is not working anymore too. So which part in the headlight is broken?

P.S. I can confirm the front and rear height sensors are working, they are returning values which do respond to moving height of the vehicle. My diagnostic tool also says that they are calibrated too. I do not see anything else as possible problem as something in the headlight, but what?
Looking forward in hearing from you, cheers!
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