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Headlight Aiming/bulbs

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A few years ago one of the headlights on my 2004 V70R was working intermittently so I decided to replace the bulbs and ballast. These are the headlights that tilt up and down for high beam and low beam operation. With the new bulbs on low beam they point where the high beams used to point (maybe even higher) and the high beams are even higher! I though I might not have seated them correctly so when the car was in a trusted private Volvo shop I told them about the issue and they confirmed that the bulbs were installed correctly and they had no solution for the aiming problem. Can the hight of these be adjusted? Could it be the wrong bulb interaction oddly with the reflector? Any ideas?
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Yes they are height adjustable but you should know that the hi beams run off of a separate motor/solenoid from the leveling motors and the ball and socket is extremely difficult to seat if I’m remembering correctly. I would try adjusting the aim first. It’s that beige nut, maybe an 8mm?

The bulbs are tricky to seat correctly. I remembering dicking around with it for a while.
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