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Has anyone attempted to install a wireless carplay adapter?

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Has anyone attempted to install a wireless carplay adapter? I got a refer from my friend with a smart dongle. It's a box (dongle) that gets plugged in to the usb port connecting your phone (iphone in my case) to the device and displaying carplay in the car, without the need to connect the cable everytime you want to use carplay feature. This seems like, is the latest dongle, that not only for upgrading to wireless CarPlay and Wireless android auto.
I'm considering whether to buy it or not. Anyone who has used it, any advice? Any thoughts are appreciated.
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I am sure there is a bunch of discussion on this forum about these dongles if you run a search. I’ve used the Carlinkit with XC60 as well as previous cars. They are a little finicky, but for everyday use, they do generally work.

Once you set up the dongle, get into your car and turn on the car, and without connecting your phone to the car by cable, you’ll have CarPlay pop up. Here is my reality though—for everyday use, listening to Spotify, etc., it works well.

Yet if I am going on a longer drive running Waze or Google Maps, when I need the navigation, it inevitably drops out and won’t come back. I am then left scrambling, unplugging the Carlinkit, plugging in my phone, all while driving. Not ideal.

These are not bulletproof, and the unreliability (for me) means that for longer drives, I’ll plug my phone in the normal way. YMMV.
Maybe you can ask for official after-sales help to see if there is a solution. Of course, you must be their customer.
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