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Has anyone attempted to install a wireless carplay adapter?

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Has anyone attempted to install a wireless carplay adapter? I got a refer from my friend with a smart dongle. It's a box (dongle) that gets plugged in to the usb port connecting your phone (iphone in my case) to the device and displaying carplay in the car, without the need to connect the cable everytime you want to use carplay feature. This seems like, is the latest dongle, that not only for upgrading to wireless CarPlay and Wireless android auto.
I'm considering whether to buy it or not. Anyone who has used it, any advice? Any thoughts are appreciated.
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I purchased and use the OTTOCAST U2-AIR on my 2022 t8 Recharge which has the Google operating system. Worked straight out of the box without an update. Do not have to permanently turn off Bluetooth on the car. Every few days it might have an odd hiccup on start up when the sound will be playing but the screen will be black but pressing the home button on the radio and selecting CarPlay again and it comes right back and works perfectly. Other than that I’ve had maybe twice where during a song the sound got choppy … I hit pause for a second or two and then it was fine. Well worth the couple minor issues to not deal with plugging the phone in. Sound and video quality is excellent. I have the Bowers and Wilkins system and although it’s not as good as plugging it straight in, it’s still very good
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