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These are off my Volvo, they are Ab-Einz Hamann PG2 reps and custom ordered, I believe its the only set that fits Volvo application.

spec 18x7.5, 35mm offset, 5x108, 65mm centre bore.
true round, no bends, one tiny scratch on one wheel, the wheels have very few mileage, same goes to the tires.
tires: pair of P-zero Nero (or Rosso, I gotta 2x check)
pair of Hanhook something something, I forgot.
all are 225/35/18 and have at least 60% treads left.

the wheels are on the car right now, which is in storage, these will fit:
Volvo p1 FWD incld: 850/S/V/C 70, P2s: S60/V70/S80.
also RWD S/V90
on other RWDs, you need spacers which you can get for about $200 from H&R.

the wheels will also fit Jaguars with 5x108 and Fords, I don't know about their centre bores thou.

Asking $1200 Canadian OBO

here is the pic:


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