Volvo is taking its promise of electrification to its next logical step and proposing that 50% of its lineup could be 100% electric in just six years.

Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson made the comments to The Drive at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year , saying that the decision would ultimately be up to consumers.

"Half [will be] fully electric, and the rest hybrid," said Samuelsson.

But the CEO hedged his bets, adding that "Ultimately it's the customer that will decide. We will be flexible," he said. "But something like [electrification], we must believe in."

This follows on the promise Volvo made late last year, saying that all of its cars would feature electrification starting in 2019.

The brand's new spinoff, Polestar, will also feature high levels of electrification. The 1, its halo sports car, is a plug-in hybrid with oodles of power, while the 2 and the 3 (both upcoming) will be wholly electric.

It's a move that follows from the company's Chinese focus. The market has decided to heavily subsidize electric vehicles making them big sellers in China, which is growing rapidly and selling cars at stunning rates.

That said, the rest of the automotive field is moving towards electrification, too, with companies like VW promising to sell millions of electric vehicles by 2025.

[source: The Drive ]