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Hi to all, this is just a question that I can NOT find any info on..

I am also a member of a Land Rover Discovery Sport forum (I had 2 and both were rejected) but I'm still interested in see what problems they are still having..
It appears as though some owners are having Haldex failures as there appears there NO regular services for these units by JLR dealers.

I know we have them on our XC60 models (I believe they are Haldex 4 models but I could be wrong, my xc60 is a 2018 model) and again I can't find anything anywhere about any regular maintenance intervals for these units and now makes me wonder about any problems etc.

Is there a listed time period or dealer schedule for these to be serviced?
Has anyone reported problems with these units?
Has anyone done their own servicing for these?
If the unit fails, is the car driveable (I think not)?

There appears to be a lot of videos on maintaining them for various brands including Volvo on YouTube.. I would assume (I know I shouldn't) that a failure of this unit would render our cars inoperable as they are constant AWD.

Thanks in advance...
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