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In order to ensure and further develop important key technologies, Traction Systems - which develops and markets AWD systems (All Wheel Drive) in the Haldex Group -has initiated a research project with the Division of Machine Elements at Luleå University of Technology, Sweden, and Statoil Lubricant AB. The project is partly financed by the Swedish Program Council of Vehicle Research (VINNOVA) and The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (Research program HiMeC).

The Haldex AWD system involves a number of core technologies in electronics and mechanics, which have contributed to the system's market leadership. One of these technologies concerns how the torque transfer function between front and rear axles can be optimized. This, in turn, is influenced by the lubrication conditions in each specific driving situation.

The objective of the project is to - together with Luleå Technical University and Statoil - enlarge the knowledge about the parameters that affect the life cycle and functioning of this kind of AWD system.

The result will be part of that new knowledge, which will be the basis for future generations of the system. The project thus is a part of the research and development strategy that will ensure Haldex long-term leading position in the field of AWD systems.

The research project will continue till year 2005 at Luleå Technical University.

Project leader is Hans Engström, Manager of Development at Traction Systems.

The Haldex group (www.haldex.com), with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, is an innovator in vehicle technology with emphasis on vehicle dynamics and supplies proprietary systems and products for trucks, cars and industrial vehicles on a global basis. Haldex is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and has annual sales of approximately $650 million with 4,150 employees.
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