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It has been mentioned before that the Haldex unit is highly difficult to modify. After much reading it looks like our generation 3 unit was available on many, many cars. It seems there are quite a few aftermarket companies who make controllers for the Haldex on other brands. So, obviously my mutt V50 that has parts from many different cars would enjoy an upgraded controller from a Porsche or VW.

I have been doing a lot of reading and some of what I have found is encouraging.
There are other cars with servo/aoc control modules with the same dimensions.
It appears that versio. 1.0 had all identical CAN addresses across multiple brands (will post list later)
Unfortunately version 4.0 appears to have proprietary communication between the controller and CAN bus. The aftermarket folks apparently have different firmware for different manufacturers.

So, there is a possibility that a combination of aoc/servo and aftermarket controller may bolt up and communicate. Im sure there are others who have researched this. At $1000+ I'm not willing to just guess but I may be willing to buy a spare AOC to send to one of these companies so they can "interrogate" it to find out what / if the addresses are identical to another brand.

Does anyone have more research?
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