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My 2004 XC70 has non-functioning AWD.

What I have done/tested:
With all 4 wheels off the ground, the rears do not spin when the car is idling in gear. (Shouldn’t they spin even with a bad DEM?)
In park, the rear driveshaft does not rotate. There is a little play, but the angle gear seems solid.
I have no error messages or lights about it on the dash (not sure if there should be in certain cases).
The DEM fuse in the back is not blown and I have power across it.
I changed the AOC pump, filter, fluid.
The old pump worked fine when I took it out, but I changed it and anyway.
The DEM is clean inside.
The connectors are well seated/clean.
I cleaned the pressure switch on the DEM with contact cleaner.

My local dealer in Knoxville, TN is the LAST place I want to go. They had it on a rack and said my whole AOC is bad ($2300) and wanted $150 to tell me what codes it was throwing with the VIDA scanner. I called 3 local Volvo shops and none of them have the VIDA scanner. At least they didn’t want to tell me they had a knockoff one over the phone.

I want to replace the pressure switch and hope that’s all that’s left, but don’t want to waste the $120 on it. I want to know if the DEM is working, but not waste $150 on a scan. I don’t want to pay $575 to Xemodex if I don’t need to. Can I swap the DEM with another one from eBay? I read they are VIN locked, but also read the “Real AWD Upgrade” post on here where they were swapping DEMs from other cars and getting them to plug-n-play.

Any advice?

I’m going to check for 12V at the big DEM connector tonight.
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