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RIP first car I ever bought myself, the 12 years were real.

Stopped at a light in 50mph zone and hit by a 93 year old lady who according to police never hit the brakes.

I got away with just some bruises thanks to now what I think are not only the most comfortable car seats in the world but an amazing piece of engineering.

The funny thing is that it still drove. Cops asked me to pull it over to the side once they got on scene. Wrecker driver even drove it up the flatbed ramp.

Haven't told the wife this but I think I want another P2 s60. The only reason I can think not to is that the kids' car seats are a tight squeeze in the back. If they had been in the car they would have definitely had some injuries from the front seats pushing into the backseat area.

Side note: What are my chances of getting those wheels off when the insurance company totals it? Had those OZ superturismos on for less than a year.
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