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We recently picked up our '02 MZD Protege 5. It is a great little car to drive, although the prefernce will remain with the 855 for my driving. Such a new car in the mkt has ensured the aftermarket right now is little to none. I have found a site which builds custom grills for imports. Prices are dirt cheap, so I have sent off my request to see if they have considered building something similar to that of the IPD for the Volvo. No reply yet, but I am certain with more inquiries they would consider it. Check them out at www.atgrills.com, and send off your request.
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the grill they have now for the mzd p5 looks pretty nice. I already have an ipd grill on order.... back order actually, so ill keep dreamin about how nice it's goin to look

good luck on your grill request!
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