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Hey I have three (3) Rockford Frosgate HX2 subwoofers for sale. They come with a custom made plexi glass box with a neon light inside. These subs can handle up to 1000 watts max. Right now I only have them running about 100 watts each and they knock hard. These subs run about $250-$300 each subwoofer. All I am asking for is $450 for the box and the subwoofers. I am located in Northen California so I would like a some what local buyer if they want the subs with the box. The subs and box weigh a lot. It took me and my friend to move it in my car. If you just want the subs then I can let it go for around $400 even at that price it is still a steal. Oh yeah it does not include shipping. I hate to sell these subwoofers but I just recently got into a car accident and need money to help may for the damage. (Argh! I need a new bumper, hood, both headlights, headlight windshield wiper + motor, and grile) Yeah so far the damage is at $2000+. So if you have ANY question please email me back at [email protected] I am accepting any resonable but i just got these about a month ago. BTW these subs will knock harder than two JLW3 12". Arite thanks you guys.
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