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Hi Guys,

Wanted to share with you a great experience with a really straightforward salesman I had when I was helping my friend get her new car.

The salesman is Mark Salehi, he's the fleet manager, over at Culver City Volvo (formally Westside Volvo).

Thew reason I am posting this in the C70 section is because he showed me his allocation for the new C70 (7 of them) and he said he would be more then willing to work a deal below MSRP.

I delt yesterday with Mark when my friend wanted to lease or buy a S40 2.4i. Mark beat every quote I got by $1000. He sent me an email confirming the price we negotiated over the phone and when we got down to the dealership he gave my friend the car she wanted for the price he quoted... no game playing or fooling around with numbers.

Here's the deal she received:

2006 S40i -
Options: Metallic Silver paint with geartronic and select package
MSRP: $28,070
Invoice: $26,345

Price he gave my friend the car for: $20,840

Her payment for 36 months with 12,000 per year is:

$315.74 (which includes the sales tax)

She only had to put out $1,212 for tags, first month payment, etc.

If you guys are live in the area and are looking to get a new C70 I would highly recommend dropping Mark a line.
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