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Next month I should get my new XC 90 Inscription, fully loaded. Before I had V70 (2006) and at present XC70 (2014). While I like most of features of Volvo cars, I must say that GPS navigation system always seems to be the weakest point (when any mobile phone application for 40 EUR works so much better). I hoped that the navigation in the celebrated new XC90 would be finally in line with common navigation systems of these days - simply at least a normal one.

Few days ago I had again a short drive with the dealer's car and this time I tried to test the navigation system. I hope I missed something, or I simply cannot believe it: I wanted to select POI (point of interest). First - there was no basic initial choice if I wish POI 1) along the route 2) nearby 3) in a certain locality (that any navigation system naturally offers) - all the POI from all possible places were put together.

There is also no option to search for a certain POI by name (to write it in a search field - Kaufland etc.). You have to browse it mechanically by alphabet

Yet - for example such huge shopping centres like IKEA in Prague (there are two of them) is not mentioned there at all (while for example Navigon app in my mobile has no problem to locate any of these).

What could be the reason that Volvo is unable to provide a normal standard navigation system and offers only outdated strange uncomfortable systems that are mostly frustrating and disappointing ?

My XC70 2014 navigation (apart from other funny features) is for example programmed in a way that when calculated estimated time of arrival, it thinks that by the speed I drive just now, I would be driving all the way towards the final destination. So when driving 130 km/h on highway, the navigation thinks that I will be driving exactly the same speed also through the city (and opposite). I accelerate a bit and in that moment the estimated time of arrival suddenly jumps to one hour earlier. Even my 12 years old son could programme it better I think ...

What is your experience with the new XC90 navigation system ?
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