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Re: Got Superchip tuning,not a magic at all. (mike_c70)

Quote, originally posted by mike_c70 »
Rolling did... At least between Evolve and IPD. IPD came out ahead with numbers but people were saying that Evolve felt faster? Enter the world of false claims by Evolve as to what they do and IPD/TME doesn't do (don't want to open up the same can of worms). The problem with the comparison is that it was on 2 different cars so the results I'd say aren't accurate.

This is due to throttle mapping.

IPD/MTE remaps the throttle so that when you depress the accelerator by 10%, you may get 15% throttle opening. The stock throttle map gives you maybe 25% throttle opening when the accelerator is depressed 10%. I am not sure if BSR altered the throttle map.

For the stock setting, by the time you depress the accelerator 60%, the throttle may be WOT, depressing the accelerator more will not give you any more power.

Manufacturers use this trick to give the illusion of a fast car. Drivers will tap the accelerator and the car zooms off, and they will think "Wow...this car is already pulling when I have hardly stepped on the accelerator...and I have so much more accelerator travel left!". But the reality is that the last 30-40% of accelerator travel achieves nothing.

IPD/MTE remaps the throttle setting to give a more linear response. Thus drivers that jumped from A BSR car to a IPD/MTE car may feel the car is slower because based on the same accelerator travel, the throttle opens less.

Linear response is good for those that track, it is good to be able to modulate the throttle when taking bends and corners.
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