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In fact I got it a few weeks ago but thought I'd give it a try first. By it, I mean my S60 SE D5.

So what's good:

The sound system -awesome! Decided to play the CD of my son's band first which was the easy choice and avoided needing to choose between all the excellent suggestions earlier. In fact my son and friends initially spent several hours sat in the car listening to music! But....where's the cassette?

The colour - Cosmos Blue looks superb, when clean and polished, but how to keep it this way with all the rain in the UK? It looks even better at night under the florescent lights at the garage - brings out the indigo colour. But...I suppose silver would have been a lower maintenace option - I've lost count on the number of times I've washed it aleady!

The performance - it goes pretty fast when you need it to.

The fuel economy - average 40 mpg so far which is mostly urban driving without thinking about driving economically.

The seats - very comfortable. But...wish I'd gone for the electric adjustment, took quite a while to get best position initially due to all the variations. Still sorted it now.

The wheels (Tethys) - look fantastic. But....how to get/keep them clean? Do Volvo make a special cleaning tool?

The grocery bag holder - great for keeping shopping in place.

What could be better:

The ride - seems very firm, which is not good given the quality of most of the roads here.

Storage compartments - where are they? Could they make more use of the doors?

The reflection of the dashboard - the oak/arena interior looks lovely (especially with Cosmos Blue), but it reflects in the windscreen which at times is a real problem. A design fault? Potentailly dangerous? Or just me being too fussy?

The warning sticker about airbags and small children on the passenger sun visor that can't be removed.

The rear visibilty - it's not good when reversing and this shouldn't be a problem for me as I previouly had a bigger car. Yet I'm less confident with this one. May improve with more time.

The turning circle - I assume is restricted due to large wheels/tyres, but I find a real problem in car parks.

Ok, so a few "buts", otherwise it's good! Nothing's ever perfect, and no doubt I've have diferent niggles if I'd chosen a different car!

Anyone got any thoughts on any of these points?

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I'd agree with most of what you say.
* wife complained about no cassette too - means I don't have to listen to her audio books though so no complaints from me

* Mine is a T5 - very quick, getting just over 26 mpg out of it which seems OK
* I had some trouble getting the seats right to start with too, thankfully my wife likes the seats in the same position so once I got it right it's been fine
* Wheel cleaning will become a lifetime chore (and I have the Thors which have fewer spokes). Something to do with the Volvo brake pads producing lots of brake dust.
* Ride is firm but personally I find it still rolls too much - and I think all UK S60s have the sports suspension (?). Just shows it's probably a matter of taste
* Door pockets are tiny aren't they!
* I have a black interior 'cos when I tested a light colour car I thought the reflection might be a bit much
* Don't think I have the non-removable stickers - must check tonight
* Rear visibility - always had estates / hatchbacks / company cars before - and a slight eyesight defect. So as the S60 was to be a personal car I put in the reversing radar. This is a dealer fit option if you don't find yourself getting used to it soon.
* You'll get used to the turning circle too, it's not actually so bad

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I've had my D5 SE for a a few months now, it was an ex-demonstrator from the other side of the country (they delivered it and it was far cheaper than any local dealers). I was informed of a four to five month wait for a new D5, with the local dealer dropping the trade in value of my Audi by £500 a month!

Over all think it is great, however I have the same glare problem from the dash reflecting in the windscreen. It is Silver with black leather, apart from trying polarising sun glasses I don't know what can really be done about it. I don't facy treating the dash with anything just yet.

Performance is great, my daily commute (around 20 miles each way) seems to return me about 47 mpg (I do not generally hang around!)

Yes, the Tethys wheels do seem to collect all sorts of grime. Although I have found cleaning the whole car with the Zymol range of stuff produces some nice results.

Yes the turning circle (I had an Audi A3 before) seemed huge to start, now I'm a bit more used to it it isn't so bad.

I had the dealer fit the reversing sensor, which is a boon - well worth it from my point of view. It is colour coded with the bumper, so it doesn't stand out like some others.

Having had a back back recently. I've found the seats great, far more support than the Audi. Although electric adjustment would have been nice, likewise heated seats (I had these in the Audi). Being an ex-demo however I didn't get the choice...

Overall, the car is great. This is my first Volvo and I'm quite impressed.

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Congrats on your nice, new "ride"!

The airbag warning labels on your visors do come off. So do the ones on the driver and passenger sides of your instrument panel, right up there near the A-pillar door jamb. They annoyed me, so I removed them.

You just need to get one corner up, and it's easy to remove from there. Go slowly, of course...don't want gummy residue on there when you are done, of course! Mine came off of all four places mentioned above with no residue.

Warning: They are there for a reason. Make sure you understand the information contained on the labels before removing them, especially if you ever carry kids under 12 in your car! If you're uneasy with removing them and throwing them out, just tape or re-stick them in the last few blank pages of your owners' manual, and they'll be there if you ever want or need to reference them.

As for rear visibility, I think it does take a little while to figure our where your rear end is, but you eventually learn after backing it up a few times.

Firm Ride - What tire pressures are you running with? Perhaps the guys here might have some suggestions... (I don't have the same rims and tires that you do.)

Happy motoring in your Cosmos Blue S60. I've only seen one of those in real life, and it was a FANTASTIC color to behold!

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Had my D5 SE since the end of Jan, and it still makes me smile when i climb into it.

Stereo is excellent i would agree, tapes - what are they?

I went for Maya Yellow - first bright coloured car i have had, and i love it, i went for the black leather interior for two reasons; because it loks good with the Maya, and because i wanted to cut down on internal reflections.

Performance greatly improves with mileage - i have only put on 4000 miles since new so far, but it feels like a different car completely now, very strong performance, and huge amounts of torque for effortless overtaking in any gear! Looking forward to the next 4000 miles now! (did feel really tight for the first 2000 miles and then started to loosen up nicely)

Economy - most of my driving is around town, average 38-40mpg, when i do a long (and fast) run i can easily get high 40's.

Seats - exellent - especially when its cold in the morning - nothing like the feel of warm leather against your back!

Wheels - i went for Thor - they looked easier to clean!

Grocery holder - useful i agree.

Ride - suits me.

Storage, mmmm, not so good...

Reflections - see above...

Warning sticker - cant say i have noticed?

Rear vis - tricky compared to my last car - but hey you get used to it.

Turning circle - pretty poor - but again you get used to it, just looks a bit lame when you take 2 shots to pull forwards into a parking space...

Overall, superb car, definitely recommend it to anyone, and i would get the same again!

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Thanks for all the comments.

Yes, it certainly shifts between 30-80 mph. Dealer said it has more mid-range torque than a T5. True? Mileage now 2400 so performance may improve further as suggested by Steve.

How can I post a photo?

Funny that, the wife and audio cassette combination apply here too! Doesn't really bother me - I prefer music.

I tested a black interior and then ordered oak/arena. Probably good advice to always test the actual car you order. I wrote to Volvo about the dashboard reflection and they say it complies with all safety requirements etc and is only slightly altered by the interior colour.

Mine is a company car, Tony are you implying it doesn't matter if I reverse into things?!

I'll see if I can get the stickers off. If so I can replace them when I hand the car back.

Changing tyre pressure to improve ride? Will this work or just mean worse fuel economy? I still think its firm or maybe we need some new roads round here. If all UK models have sports suspension this may explain - if not I'm glad I didn't go for this option!

Turning circle only really a problem in car parks - I don't like to look as though I can't drive!

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Originally posted by MJT:

How can I post a photo?

You need to find a host online to post the pictures, then you can link them here to this website using the tags. Go to [URL=http://www.inkfrog.com]http://www.inkfrog.com[/URL] and you can put 6 pictures there and link them to this website.

If you need some help, just shoot me an email.


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