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Google maps not showing up on main dash display

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Over the last few days the dash display for Google maps is not showing the map itself, just the arrow. I've tried to restart the system numerous times but the best it could do was show 1 map screenshot before it transitions away.
Anyone else get this issue?

2023 v60 btw
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In the past, opening the google maps app on the center console has fixed google maps not showing up in the dash.
Tried doing that
Unfortunately hasn't worked.
I'm taking my car in next week to have them take a look and also do the 2.9 update
Did you do the whole console reset? The one by holding down the home button for 30 seconds? I see you said you have restarted the system, but unsure what you meant by that.
Yup that's what I did.
From the looks of it after driving around partial bits of the map are showing up but large sections appear to not have been "downloaded", even though I got lte working on my car and Google maps is not offline
1 - 3 of 7 Posts