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Goodyear ResponsEdge for XC90?

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Need new tires for the XC90 soon (18" Atlantis wheels) and I'm not wild about the Michelins, but there are few other options in this size. Eyeballing the new Eagle ResponsEdge...it has a bit higher load rating and also maintains the 'V' speed rating of the OEM tires.

I don't want truck tires, nor am I a fan of the 'equivalent sizing' nonsense where the tire stores try to sell you a Schmenky brand tire that's "almost" the right size (but ends up two section width increments bigger).

Any experience yet with this Goodyear?
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Re: Why V rated? H is probably fine for a SUV (3PinFever)

My sife just took my xc90 to garage due to shimmy. We have the same problem you noted. When they called and said that I would have to pay 20% for the replacements (I have 16376 miles and pirelli replacement program for these tires prorates refund at 80% from 15001 to 18,000 miles).

For now I refused the new tires. Here's why...

When I looked over the bill I noticed the recall #157 for the front tie rod / ball joints. I also went to talk to sales and they said the Pirellis are too soft for this car (and i'm sure they know) and they are wearing abnormally fast.

I'm not sure I want to pay anything for tires that were sold to me that were not suitable for the vehicle and that could have been effected by the recall.

Oh I also failed to mention that at my complimentary 7500 mile check-up the service department "did not have time to rotate my tires" which probably didn't help my situation either.

Thoughts from anyone? Should I suck it up and pay for new tires or fight on?
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