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With retirement looming, and travel less restricted by other concerns, there are some places I want to go. Many of those places are automotive related, ...just never could fit them into my schedules of 'other' responsibilities....

Here's one of the primary destinations on my list, ....(along with Daytona Speed Week, the Oakland Roadster Show, a trip to the Bonneville salt flat time trials, Pebble Beach, etc. etc. etc....)

The Goodwood Festival of Speed http://www.goodwood.co.uk/

I've long wanted to put together a 'dream trip' to Goodwood, .......now, ..maybe in the near future...

2006 schedule is July 7,8, and 9

The theme for 2006 will be 'Racing for Glory - a Century of Grands Prix', celebrating the great sporting accolades to which drivers have always aspired. It's 100 years since the first Grand Prix, a century since the first Targa Florio road race and 40 years since the great TransAm and CanAm series were founded.

To honour these superb motoring milestones, the selection of machinery on the hill will include a spectacular array of Grand Prix cars, representing everything from the first winning Renault in 1906 to last season's championship winner from the same company. Most of the World Championship-winning models from 1950 onwards will also be in action. In addition, expect to see a whole host of Targa Florio winners, plus some wonderful entries coming over from the USA to support the fabulous TransAm and CanAm series. It should be another truly exciting and memorable weekend.

It would be neat if Goodwood had plans to feature the Volvo mark in the near future.

Anyone know Goodwood's long range scheduling in this regard?

Anyone been to Goodwood?

'Insider' advice in planning such a trip?

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