As Volvo Cars marches toward its chosen October 16th reveal date for the new pure-electric Volvo XC40, the automaker is slowly feeding the news media tidbits of information to whet our appetites. The latest: as with so many other battery-electric vehicles, the Volvo XC40's lack of an internal combustion engine has made way for the inclusion of a "frunk," or "front trunk," for extra storage space.

This frunk, located behind a covered body-color front grille, displaces some 30 liters. Mind you, that's only equivalent to about one square foot, but hey, that's one square foot more than you'd get up front if the Volvo XC40 had a more conventional powertrain. Beside serving an important aesthetic function, the "grille" will house many of the XC40's myriad sensors for the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) platform.

Mounting the XC40's battery pack in the floor will make way for still more storage space in the cabin; Volvo says the electric crossover, which will be its first battery-powered production vehicle ever, is slated to get "more functional storage space in the doors and under the seats," along with a waste bin in the center console. We don't know about you, but nothing gets us more hot and bothered than a good waste bin.

The 2020 Volvo XC40 will offer a choice of eight exterior colors from launch, including a delightful-sounding Sage Green metallic option, and two new 19- and 20-inch wheel options. The vehicle will come standard with a contrasting black roof.

"The roots of Scandinavian design are based on visual clarity and the reduction of element," says Volvo Cars Head of Design Robin Page. "The XC40 is a great example of this. Its bold, instantly recognisable design is now even sleeker and more modern in the all-electric version.

"Without the need for a grille we have created an even cleaner and more modern face, while the lack of tailpipes does the same at the rear. This is the approach we will explore more and more as we continue down the road of electrification."

Stay tuned as the all-new, 2020 Volvo XC40's official reveal date draws nearer.