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I found this car while just playing around a week ago and the guy was asking 6k so I thought my only chance to get my dad to buy it was if I would take his 940 and he would get the 960 thats for sale. Then today I went back and the price is down to 5.4k. What a deal. I dunno if I could switch with him now, I might just have to keep it. Anyway here it is. http://www.autotrader.com/findacar/phone_seller.jtmpl?car_id=76814049&dealer_id=&message_type=link&link_type=PHONE&type=phone&&certified=n&max_price=6200&start_year=1981&end_ year=2 002&ac_afflt=none&address=53144&car_year=1994&search_type=used&make=VOLVO&model=&min_price=4500&distance=75&advcd_on=n&advanced=n

What do you think? 960 109k Looks in good shape. Most likely elder person driven.

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