If you're looking for gifts for the Volvo fan in your life, or if you're treating yourself this year, we've found some of the best Volvo gifts around for this holiday season.

Volvo offers a surprisingly varied collection of lifestyle items. They go beyond the usual t-shirts and hats, and Volvo offers some really cool stuff. If you really want to splurge on a Volvo gift, try this crystal shaving brush and scent bottle designed by Lena Bergstrom and made by Swedish glassmaker Orrefors. It's a limited edition, and it's signed by the designer.

The Volvo store has some more conventional and affordable gifts too. Like this S60 Polestar Swedish Touring Car Championship racer . It's a 1:14 scale model RC version of the racer. Be the touring car champion of your living room.

How about membership in the Volvo Club of America ? The VCOA offers some cool perks like a magazine with news, tech info, and history about Volvo. There are also discounts at many dealers and other parts suppliers around the US. Plus meet up with other Volvo owners and drivers.

The Prancing Moose sticker that replaces the Ferrari shield's horse with something more appropriate is always popular and gets people's attention. A Prancing Moose sticker starts at $2.10. But you can also get the Stuttgart moose. That one is an antlered twist on the Porsche crest. Or the Raging Moose, which replaces Lamborghini's bull with a...well you get it.

How about something for the coffee table? The Vanilla Days Are Over is a coffee table book that takes a look inside Volvo design centres in Gothenburg, LA, and Shanghai. Meet the designers of the latest generation of Volvos and find out what inspired them.

Like Volvos? Like cookies? How about a Volvo logo cookie cutter . Give the gift that keeps on nomming all year long.

Ugly Christmas sweaters are probably nearing the peak of their popularity. That's making finding something unique more and more difficult. How about this Volvo 240 ugly sweater ? We know, the car's not ugly. But the sweater is!

Have some empty spots on the wall that need filling? Tired of the tired and faded pinup posters in the garage? Add some Volvo artwork. Like this print of three P1800s models , in the colors of the Swedish flag.