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Giac hands down was the best chip for the 94-2001 cars. Their AF was close to ideal unlike MTEs bastard child which dips to 10:1. All torque limiters were removed as well as speed limiters. On an 850 same day same dyno, IPD netted 21 hp. Giac after the IPD pulled 34hp. Down side is if you drive like Terry Schiavo on crank your car will start acting like her...... dead. But if you are not a redlight to redlight racer it is a great chip. FYI PES use to handle GAIC. For Audi, Volvo, Porsche Giac is almost always the most aggresive, and they usually include maps that almost go to two bars.

PES is about 5 min from my home. I've been trying to get them to work on Volvos since my C70. Even though in Euro Tuner mag, and the like, their ad states Volvo. Awesome company if I had a VW, 996 or 997
Benz ......

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