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Getting XM radio installed

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I finally did it. I am actually sitting in Circuit City right now as they are installing my unit. I went with the Audiovox XCS9 unit. It should fit fairly clean using the "empty cupholder" space to the left of the head unit. I went over it very specifically with the 2 install guys. They said they've done these cars before (I hope). The wires should be hidden from behind and I'll still be able to use my cig lighter to charge my phone if needed.

I like this unit because it's got a blue display and its XM. I'll snap some pics this weekend and post them if anyone's interested. I also went with a roof mount in the front center. Should look good and plus the antenna is fairly small.
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Re: Getting XM radio installed (SuperSwede)

The install went well. Will post pics tomorrow. They were able to use a custom clamp and stuck it partially into the empty cupholder space, but not all the way back because it's tapered. It looks pretty clean, although it is not completely flush, but it is solid. He drilled two small holes from the top and screwed it in tight. I mounted the small antenna in the front center. Less wires running through the car which was a consideration for me since I've got a kid in the back most of the time. The wires are buried up to the very small magnet antenna. It looks better centered instead of on the side. I like things balanced (I'm a libra
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Re: Getting XM radio installed (soledoc)

Here's the pics of my new XM radio installed in my T5.

and one final one showing off the blue display http://********************/smile/emthup.gif

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