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Lately I've been getting some vibration sin the car that I only notice by virute of the fact that they are not present sometimes. It's not wheel balance, doesn't feel like wapred discs as there is no steering wheel shimmy or pedal feedback.

They are not speed related, appear when accelerating or decelerating and from thereon. They feel like a slow speed oscillation so I'm suspecting cv/cardan joints on the driveshafts or even the gearbox/motor mounts.

It's a diesel so the torque might have had an expecially nasty effect on the parts although I don;t really drive low down on the rev range to teh extent that anything feels strained. Just coming up to the 24k service so I wouldn;t mind knowing if anyone else has had these problems.


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Re: Getting some wierd vibrations (Marmoset)

This is a known (but just barely) VCC issue....it's very rare, but has been noted over in Europe. I have 2 customers that have also experienced this in North America.

I have some details, for anyone experiencing the issue...shoot me an e-mail and I can send you what I have on this...it takes some explanation, and can be confused with other problems. Short answer is the axle shafts and some other small bits must be replaced with the ones used on later cars.

Issue only occurs on a very, very few cars, but manifests when the car is lowered or under heavy load. Volvo will fix it for you if you have the OE sport springs, or experience the problem when the car is heavily loaded. of course, they will not fix it for you if you have aftermarket springs on the car.

There is no formal recall for this, I don't believe, but I am told that if you bring it up, prove that it's happening, and fall within the correct VIN range that this is a warranty issue that would be honored.
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