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And yes, photos will go up ASAP, cause it ain't no Camry or Sentra......

So, on Wednesday (if all goes as planned), I'll be taking delivery of a 2004 silver over Nordkap S60R.

Before I consign the 2001 V70 T5 to the place where dead cars go, will the 17" Almatheas with 235/45R17 Conti ExtremeContact DWS fit over the brakes? I think they will make nice winter rims so I can keep good summer rubber on the Pegs.


2004 S60R 6sp Silver over Nordkap 76,000ish (REAL SOON NOW)
2011 Ford Flex 16,000 (the Better Half's ride)
1998 V70 GLT 150,000 (the Newest Driver's ride)
1996 850 GLT 135,000 (my mudder)
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