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1) Yes, I'm serious with this post. Buy your snow tires now so that you'll have them ready for when the first snowstorm hits

2) Simply the best performing snow tires I've ever used. Traction was awesome in snow and on ice, yet the ride was quiet and comfortable. Even dry and wet traction are good. These are high performance winter tires. I used them on my 850R which is lowered with Eibachs and I did not get any rubbing at all.

3) This is the perfect chance to get a good set of snow tires to mount on your Volans or Comets etc. for the winter, since no true pimp would ever roll on anything smaller than 17s (even in the winter).

4) Here's the review page on TireRack.

5) Asking price: $300 firm +s/h. PM me if you have any questions.
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