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Now, Mühlner is preparing the car for the famous 24h-race on the Nürburgring, which is held on June 1st / 2nd, starting at 2pm on Saturday. More than 200 teams from all over the world will take the test of racing twice around the clock through the "green hell" as Jacky Stewart called it - the Nordschleife, which in combination with the modern GP-curse is over 25km long.

The Mühlner Volvo S60 starts in category A4 for touring car specials up to 2.5 Litres and will be driven by acknowledged Ring-experts Andy Middendorf, Jörg Seidel, Ulli Andree and Juppi Bermes - Bermes being the record holder at the Eifel-marathon with no less than 11 victories in class. Seidel is a former German Kart-Champion, Middendorf won the DTT (Deutsche Tourenwagen Trophäe) in 1993, Andree scored 1st places at the 1000kms on the new Lausitzring in 2000 and the 750 miles at the Nürburgring 2001.

A second, brand new S60 for class A3 up to 2,0 Litres is being prepared as well but the drivers aren´t confirmed, yet. Team owner Bernhard Mühlner is negotiating with DTC 2001-champ Markus Gedlich and popular Wolfgang Kaufmann, who has already been a driver of the legendary 24h-850 T5 station wagons in the mid-90s and cought over all victory in the Porsche-Cup in 2001.

Compared to the "roll out-race" on the Ring in April, when Andree / Middendorf / Bermes scored an unexpected 4th place with a "last minute finished-S60" coming right out of the Mühlner workshop untested, during the last practice for the 24 hours, Andree achived a time, no less than 15 sec. quicker per lap only by set up-modifications on the front axle and a rear wing which is now similar to the BTCC-wing of the S40. It generates more down force on the rear axle, which gives the car a lot more stability in quick highspeed corners.

Further more the 5-cylinder car has been totaly re-built by Mühlner in order to endure the 24 hours with a maximum of reliability.

So please keep your fingers crossed - I´ll keep you updated.
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