Geely group has just announced that it's launching a new brand. The company's first all-EV brand will be called Geometry, and the first model will be called A.

The company says that the brand's name comes from, and this isn't really going to be a surprise, "mathematical geometry which emerged thousands of years ago to describe the world as humans saw it." Geely says that it relates to the company's vision of a future where tech provides a sustainable environment and safe mobility.

There are big plans for Geometry. 10 pure EVs across all segments by 2025.

The A is the first, and it will come in two versions. A 51.9 kWh battery and a 61.9 long-range version. The company says that they manage 254 and 310 miles on the NEDC cycle. Power comes from a motor that uses a host of Geely group electric technologies. Power output is 161 hp, and torque is 184 lb-ft. So not an electric hypercar, more of a sedate sedan. The company says 0-60 mph should take 8.8-seconds.

In addition to a fast-charge rate that should take the battery from 30 percent to 80 in 30 minutes, the Geometry A will have a Super E Energy Station which supplies power to things like your laptop, a lamp, or even an oven.

Geometry says the car will have L2+ self-driving, calling it the first pure EV in China to do that. It means automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, collision warnings front and rear, lane keep assist, and lane change assist. There's also self-parking.

The company says that it already has 27,000 orders for the A, with two-thirds coming from outside of China. Availability hasn't been announced, but the company says that pricing will start from US $31,250 for the short-range version in China.