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My father special ordered a 2008 V50 T5 AWD at Don Beyer Volvo in Dulles, VA. When it arrived, the dealer had put it in the showroom because they liked it so much, and the factory workers in Belgium told the dealer how much they liked his build!
Some of the options he had added to the car included:
  • the dynamic trim (aka R design)

  • 18" Midir rims

  • xenon headlamps

  • quartz/beige leather interior

  • silver roof rails
It's basically an R design, but Volvo in USA didn't call it that until 2009.

It was a handsome, rare, unique little car. Had a lot of fun in it growing up

Fast forward to January 2016, the car with only 50,000 miles was involved in a collision, Dad was okay, thanks to Volvo's being some the safest cars out there, but unfortunately the insurance filed it as a total loss :( https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipO0jovf6CyZjFGC6m1P4oLPS6WUi5mWUoJfcKJO

I never really knew what happened the car. I assumed that it got parted out or something. Until recently I found an old photo of the car, and I was able to make out the license plate. So I searched the license plate up online, and found an old record of the car as well with the VIN number. With the VIN number I was able to find out that the car had been purchased and repaired by an auto body shop in Waseca, Minnesota and just auctioned off this past June to a new owner in Bozeman, Montana with only 65,000 miles!
Along with a whole page of history/service records and what not, I found these photos of the car after it was repaired.

here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/aGLNDNBfYdZTGvdH9

For the past couple of years I have always been wondering what ever happened to that car, because of it being super rare (I have only EVER seen one other gecko green V50 r/d), and growing up with it, sentimentally, it held a lot of value.

Knowing that it is back out there, I seriously would love to get in contact with the current owner of it now.
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