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Here's an interesting finding I determined (well, if my logic is true):

I have a friend who is the worlds cheapest man. Always buys the cheapest gas. So I started thinking, and ran a test. I went through three tanks of grocery store discounted gas, then three tanks of Chevron gas. What I found is that the grocery store gas was $2.40 cheaper for a 16 gallon tank than Chevron. BUT, I got nearly 4 mpg more running the Chevron gas. So, about 64 miles more, which translates into over 2 gallons of gas. So using Chevron gas actually saves me around $6 - extra milage minus the cost difference of the more expensive gas. Or, in reality a savings of .38 per gallon, which is a lot more than the .15 cents saved filing up at the grocery store. In effect, it costs more to buy the cheap gas.

This might depend upon the kind of car and driving habits. I ran a quick internet search, but could not find any similar studies.

Any thoughts?
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