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GAH! SHAVED! Is this possible? I hate the chrome lining the window and would love to remove it. Also...what body kit is that? So subtle, yet so distinct! I want! ME WANT

What wheels are these?

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Which chrome exactly are you talking about? Some of the older cars
had lots of chrome around the windows (I suspect that's what
you mean), but that blue '75 242 also has had the rain gutters removed.
If you don't like the chrome around the windows, you could paint
it black (mask off and spray with trim paint), which is more like what
the newer 240s look like (I've touched up some spots on my '87 244 where
the chrome was showing through). For the rain gutters, I believe the
plastic/chrome trim can be taken off so you just have a small metal gutter,
but I haven't done it yet to my car. Older 240s also have smaller trim
(maybe metal?) along the rain gutter, so it's probably easier to take off.

That 242 is mostly a custom made (and home made) car, which includes the body
kit, made from fiber glass (front & side) and sheet metal (rear). Removing the
door handles and locks isn't too difficult, but requires welding in a piece of
metal in each hole, grinding down the welds, laying down a thin coat of body
filler, and then prepping/painting the door. I'm sure a good body shop could
do this for you, but I wouldn't know what the cost might be. You can read
more about the car at the site below. Note that it took about 10,000 hours to
build at a cost around US$9,500 (95,000- SEK).


The dark blue 244 has 7x17 Volvo Polaris wheels. They're hard to find, and
if you do find them, they will be expensive (probably around $1000 for a set).
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Yes, the rain gutters
I want those outta hea!

You rule, man
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That's pretty cool looking. I wonder how he did the red/clear taillights also?-G

Originally posted by [email protected]:
I wonder how he did the red/clear taillights also?

From the Tractor Pulling Center:
Extremely modified Peugeot 505 rearlights (reversed order, left light in right side), they have been warmed with a hot air gun
, red-tuned with spray and have custom made aluminum trimlists. The car's rear has been modified to suit the lights.
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