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For those of you wondering how current build times are shaping out, I just got an update on ours*.

First off, I've just been informed that the last date to make any configuration changes is the 18th (not the 10th as erroneously stated in my earlier poll question re: blonde/blonde or blonde/charcoal interior).

And surprise of all surprises, I've been (unofficially) informed that our port ETA is currently reading as late-March, though I'm advised a more realistic date is mid-April. If this turns out to be true, this is a marked improvement to the original ETA of late-April / early-May.

So what this means then is that our total build/delivery time looks to be approximately 60-75 days... pretty impressive.

* If you recall, we locked in our order for a fully loaded Inscription (crystal metallic white on blonde) on the 23rd of January.
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