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FWD Volvo Wheels on the 240

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Okay, I've seen pics of 240s with the 17s from the R models on them. I think they use spacers for that. The look is definitely cool, but a little more aggressive than I'd like for daily driving.

We're looking at picking up a 245 to keep mileage off of our newer cars and I was considering putting some 16s on the car. I'd like to make it aggressive, but not quite as aggressive as the ones with 17s I've seen. Has anyone done this with 16s and how did it look? Can you post pics?
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If you want 16" wheels, consider getting the 940 turbo wheels seen on a 245 below (not my car):

I've seen sets of those wheels advertised for $750, and I saw a pair of them sell on ebay for $68.77 (WAY too cheap!). $400-$600 is probably a reasonable price for a nice set of 4. Also, the wheels are 16x6.5" with a 25mm off set.
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I was thinking of doing 16s from the XC Special Edition on the last year of the old bodystyle. They sort of look like Volans but wider spokes and bright silver finish. I am thinking about a 240 wagon and think they'd be pretty cool on one.
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