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Funny and Volvo-only quirks (if you know, you know)

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Anyone have any cool Volvo brand specific quirks? Not simply niceties (of which there are plenty), but Volvo-only features and Easter eggs ? … We know we drive some super special Swedish fish, and I’d like to hear what makes them different from some run of the mill plush mobile …

Some (odd ones) that come to my mind …

1. The windshield washer fluid tank is HUGE. You can dump an entire gallon container of fluid and there will still be room to spare. There was a forum on this website about the tank and the size is honestly like no other … gulp.

2. The Swedish flag on the side of the passenger seat is a fun touch!

3. Volvo’s Tow for Life program, I think, is the only major OEM lifetime assistance and rescue feature. It offers major peace of mind for any breakdown.

4. The rear passenger headrest fold function is a party trick. It is a weapon …

I am missing so many … anyone have others?
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It’s so brilliantly engineered. Last night I was picking up my wife in the pouring rain and was wondering where the unlock button was for the door. Of course there was this little orange light on the door that showed locked. It was completely dark out and I was like how thoughtful! I love my “Inga”!
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