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Funky ABS??

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Yesterday something wierd started to happen. When i turn on the car, most of the time, the abs light stays on for about 5 min. Also, sometimes the TRACS light comes on too, but that turns off in seconds. While the ABS light is on the ABS stopps working, and I have to override the shift lock to get the car in gear. I'm taking the car in to the shop on thurs, but I just thought I would pick your brains a little and see if there was an easy fix or something.

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update.... to make the problem more intresting. When the ABS light is stuck on, the blinkers and the head lights do not work. When the switch is in the headlight position the interior lights turn off as well, but when put on parking, all the lights that are suppose to turn on, turn on. It also looks like i will be with out a car on friday...
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Check your battery connections and grounds. It sounds like a voltage or grounding issue. Verify that the alternator is charging at ~13.2 volts when warm. (13.8 when cold) The car has a temperature based charging system.
Thanks! I'll check that tonight.
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