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You guys are so lucky. I am living in Hong Kong, where the choices of factory/ aftermarket accessories are very limited, no one would think of giving their Volvos a fresh look as it's a brand name of mature businessman. Hardly find any good stuff to add-on my S40 T4. I hate those Japanese body kit, the design is too crazy for me, I prefer classic sporty look.
I am finding some websites offering Volvo accessories, but I am afraid that the delivery cost is very huge.


Originally posted by joe_flies:
To be frank, I almost never buy factory accessories, aftermaket products always seemed to be a better buy.

However, that's changed with my Volvo. I've found the prices very reasonable and the fit/quality are much better than aftermarket.

I picked up the winter floor mats, I think it was $72 or so with the VCOA discount. Color matches perfectly, the fit is contoured at every corner, with cutouts for the bump stops, dead pedal, and the fasteners. That's a bargain

I got the factory roof bars and 2 axle loader bicycle carriers. I skipped the holder for the removable wheel, simply I don't trust those no matter who makes it. But the roof racks are GREAT since they bolt in to the pre-drilled roof holes, the bars are already fitted. And for $350 or so, it's very competitively priced. About the same as Yakima prices, it's a little more than Thule (but it is a thule system), but not having to mess with the load bars is well worth the price.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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