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Fuel type

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I have not seen anything that says what octane is recommended for the T6 6-cylinder.
Also, I'm new to this board, having just ordered an XC90 for overseas delivery. I previously followed some very active and helpful boards on the MDX and Pilot. I ultimately switched to the XC90. Are there boards other than this one I should check out that cover the XC90?
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Originally posted by [email protected]:
Hi and welcome. Just out of curiousity, what made you choose the XC90 over the MDX and the Pilot?
First I had decided on Pilot over MDX. I preferred the boxier styling, the substantially greater head room (because of no sunroof), the backup sensor option, the console space because of the gear shift being on the steering column, the use of regular rather than premium gas, the significantly lower selling price, etc.

My switch from the Pilot to the XC90 mainly boils down to safety. I'm convinced it is going to be superior at avoiding accidents, and at protecting us in case of an accident. All the styling and features of other cars would be of little solace in case of significant injuries in an accident. I have also owned a couple of Volvos in the past, and been very pleased with them. I also like getting an in-dash 6 CD changer (the Pilot EX model is under seat), a longer warranty, a third row seat that is more comfortably set up to seat two people (rather than the Pilot's jamming three sets of seat belts), the more powerful T6 engine, the narrower body (making fitting in parking spots a bit easier), a power passenger seat, etc. Plus a free trip to Sweden ain't bad!
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Originally posted by GrecianVolvo:

San Diego, huh? My favorite city, in the US! My wife has relatives there and we visit at least once a year...

The type of fuel required is regular. But Volvo recommends (the key word) PREMIUM, for optimum performance and optimum gas mileage.

What type did you order? A 2.5T or a T5? Color? Options?


I ordered a T6 in Ash Gold Metallic/Taupe leater, with climate package, versatility package, premium sound, backup sensor, and running boards.

Originally posted by cPie:
May I ask if your overseas delivery price is any different from the US MSRP? When do you expect to get your car?

I have a deposit with the local Volvo dealer here in the Boston area. We will be ordering a T6 7seater.

Thanks, and good luck with your XC90!!

The price is MSRP. There are a very limited number of cars allocated for overseas delivery, I'm awaiting word on the date (it should be late Novemeber in Sweden, with a late December delivery in the U.S.). The dealer is currently quoting overseas deliveries for February pickup. By the way, my salesman is great on overseas/military sales, and he has customers around the world. Let me know your email if you need a recommendation.
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