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I have a 91 Volvo 740 and am trying to determine the type of fuel sending unit I need to buy. The engine is a 4-Cyl. 2.3 Liter (BF230), non-turbo so I am assuming it is a Regina not Bosch. Is this correct?


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Re: Fuel Sending Unit - 1991 Volvo 740 (mountain1228)

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From http://www.brickboard.com/FAQ/...stems
Bosch or Rex-Regina Systems?

[Inquiry] How do I identify my fuel injection and ignition system? [Response: Chris Mullet/Chris Herbst] Many 1990+ non-turbos have Rex/Regina systems; most turbos seem to have Bosch. Between 90 to 92, all non-California non-turbos were Regina cars. There were some 89s and there were some at least until 1993 if not later. The Regina cars are anything but rare. Regina systems are characterized by:

Only one fuel pump which is in the tank, without a pre-pump; and this fuel pump is not as high a quality as Bosch
Ignition coil is a wierd sort of amplifier-looking thing on the LH strut tower, versus a standard looking cylinder-shaped coil.
Uses an intake air temperature sensor and a MAP sensor, instead of the mass airflow meter.

George Dill
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