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Okay, so i'm attaching two photos. The first is of the fuel pump that is cracked at the top and leaking (recall issue, but my V70 is too old...). The second is the replacement part i received. Notice that there is only one difference in the two parts. The new one has a female electrical connection option on top. The thing is, EVERY one i find has this electrical connection. I cannot find one that looks identical to the one in my car. Do you think it is possible that now they make one pump that fits either original? Any help here would be EXTREMELY HELPFUL. I only paid 165.00 for the one in the pic from ERIE VO-VO (lifetime warranty and only 40k miles on it). A new one will be between 400-500. I'm afraid that the new one would look identical and i would've just wasted a lot of money.

Original part that's in car (cracked): https://goo.gl/photos/9G9TVWzqTjUzX6VU9
Replacement part: https://goo.gl/photos/WpLNfscFeGFegWXZ6

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