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Fuel or Boost Cutout when DSTC is on?

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Afternoon yall, for about a year or so ive been tracing down this problem in my 05 S40 T5 AWD m66. Whenever i go WOT and shift from 2nd to 3rd, or 3rd to 4th, my fuel or boost cuts out and prevents me from going back onto the throttle unless i let off completely and go back on WOT. However this issue does not occur majority of the time when DSTC is turned off? Has anyone run into this issue at all? I am tuned with FBO, new FPS, Crank PS, and a new Turbosmart Wastegate and BOV (issue has occured before the Turbosmart parts were installed). Would this have anything to do with DSTC trying to prevent any minimal wheel spin on a quick shift? Or on any shift in the 6k rpms and up?
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I think i have the same issue. Do you have any other vacuum lines connected on the same vacuum as the BOV? I had my boost gauge on that same line and when i deleted that one i noticed some improvements since then. But im not sure if this is that problem.

I have not noticed this if this was with DSTC on or off.
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